Operational Support System (OSS) for Telecom Operators

"Telecom solutions development and implementation" 

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For successful operator business it is important to rapidly bring new services into the market, monitor and control their quality, timely and accurate process customer requests. To do this, advanced telecommunications infrastructure and intelligent staff have to be accompanied by flexible and automated business processes. The level and depth of business process automation today is the determining factor of competitive advantage. 

The set of telecom companies business processes, as well as classes of OSS systems, are determined in the materials of the international organization TMForum, the world’s leading telecommunications companies, manufacturers and solutions integrators organization. The materials from TMForum are now recognized as methodological basis for the telecommunications industry. 

BCC Company is constantly working on the selection and implementation of effective solutions in the field of OSS, allowing operators to meet pressing development challenges of their business. The company’s solutions are based on the BCC approach to TMForum recommendations, implemented on platforms of leading world manufacturers. This solution is based on modular architecture and industrial open interfaces to integrate solutions into a single complex, cross-cutting automate business processes.

OSS solutions from BCC help operators to develop new sales channels, reduce costs for customer interaction through self-service tools, provide pass-through process automation connectivity services and technical support of the application to automatically configure the subscriber equipment. OSS includes integration of business components, each of which focused on certain tasks in the enterprise Example of fulfilled project: Implementation OSS in Mostelecom. Reorganization of the existing system of business process automation of OSS-layer for the following modules: