IPTV Development and Implementation

BCC is recognized developer of certified set of IPTV products. Since 2005 the company has successfully implemented IPTV on the subscriber network of Russia major telecom operators. Open architecture is among the advantages of BCC IPTV products as allows easy integration of most advanced technologies and concepts into basic subscriber pack to increase customer loyalty and ensure stable growth of interactive television sales.


One of the technological innovations that are implemented in the latest versions is new high-quality user interface, which provides subscribers with IPTV easy and intuitive navigation to work with any TV content and services. Subscribers have the opportunity to order a variety of interactive services — VoD, Last X days TV, Start Over, etc., without leaving home and not making phone calls. For ease use of IPTV services to all clients can be given a brief and detailed TV program for the current day or week — «Electronic Program Guide» (EPG).                                                                                          

"Telecom solutions development and implementation"

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Interactive television may be broadcast not only on TV but also on the Client’s computer through the integration of client software on PC Player with Verimatrix IPTV. PC Player supports the quality of digital television signals (including HDTV), but the basic functionality and solutions: using the client virtual menu available on the computer screen has the ability to order any online service provided by the operator.

The future is definitely for pay TV (Pay TV), which is now gaining increasing attention from the Russians. According to analysts in the coming years, growth of IP TV will be about 25-30%, which exceeds even the rate of broadband Internet access growth.

Example of fulfilled project

Implementation of IPTV on «North-West Telecom» network for St. Petersburg and other cities in North-West of Russia.