Video surveillance systems play an important role in maintaining public safety, manufacturing and business processes

Application and desktop virtualization is a new level of terminal access to corporate applications and data

BCC has an outstanding design expertise and unique experience in implementing complex projects of Data Centers

General Сontractor Works

"BCC: your turtkey contractor for engineering works"

3,0 Мб

Functions of the General Designer and General Contractor allows BCC to be responsible to all phases of ongoing projects — from drawings to construction works and equipment installation. Turnkey projects is BCC specialization on Russian market of engineering and construction works.

Our wide experience has been gained on hundreds of projects and this minimizes customer risks when running complex engineering projects and resolving non-standard technical problems, ensuring customer with highest quality of work and competitive prices.

Large number of certified project managers and professionals (over 200 persons) on a wide range of engineering and construction technologies allow BCC successfully conduct all works by its own. BCC has all necessary licenses and certificates from authorities and regulators. Thus, subcontractors are invited to join projects just for specific types of works.

BCC has quality managenet in accordance with ISO 9001, which guarantees customers a high level of execution of works. In addition, BCC project management system implemented in accordance with PMBOK international standard (Project Management Body of Knowledge — the Body of Knowledge Project Management). This minimizes the risks and controls the timing of project implementation.

Example of fulfilled project

Comprehensive design of St. Petersburg University High School of Management engineering infrastructure. The school is located in university suburban campus.