Intelligent Video Surveillance System

Video surveillance systems play an important role in maintaining public safety, manufacturing and business processes, infrastructure, transport, civil, and other objects. The surveillance systems are especially effective when supported by software&hardware analysis complex of real-time video streams. This will reduce the dependence from operator errors (human factors), quickly identify threatening situations and attract the attention of the relevant services to such cases. 

BCC specialists were among the first developers in Russia to build model of possible threats and disaster scenario used in designing new and upgrading existing security systems. We designed a scalable «heart» of such systems — the central hardware and software system (CHSS) called «BCC Security». The CHSS supports an effective operation of safety systems of any large-scale objects. CHSS identifies and ranks threats quickly, according to previously modeled categories, allowing security personnel takes quick decisions in accordance with their departmental instructions and regulations.

IBM S3 (Smart Surveillance System) could be included as key component into «BCC Security» CHSS for maintaining security of large-scale facilities. IBM S3 software is offered by BCC on the Russian market as IBM business partner.

Example of fulfilled project

Geographically distributed video monitoring of RAO ES under construction facilities to ensure the effective management of the construction. Broadcasting of images directly to RAO ES website.