Application and desktop virtualization is a new level of terminal access to corporate applications and data

BCC Company is constantly working on the selection and implementation of effective solutions in the field of OSS

Video surveillance systems play an important role in maintaining public safety, manufacturing and business processes

Integration of Applications and Services

Any organization implements more and more new enterprise applications — is a natural way when business grows. Sooner or later, the lack of a unified system that covers all the functional needs of the organization makes it necessary to select an integration software solution. In the case of unified system development, it is important to clearly define the business objectives, general principles and approaches of integration, based on the specifics merged systems.

In general, the implementation of the integration of applications and services comply with three basic models: information-oriented, service-oriented and process-oriented, as well as f mix of these approaches.

Integration projects are in demand because of highly competitive and volatile Russian market. Company management requires real-time and most complete information about the activities of the enterprise. Usually, enterprise IT systems provide enough background information to support operational decision-making, but these data are unstructured, or «raw» ones. To effectively use these data to quickly assemble and process necessary reports (convert row data into a common format, aggregate and analyze them) it is recommended to use of integration and analytical technologies.

Example of fulfilled project

Implementation of SOA-project at JSC «Aeroflot — Russian Airlines» by creating a flexible IT environment that allows no radical change in existing information systems (over 180) while supports cross-cutting business processes, including their amendments.