Electronic Document Management and Archiving

The documents accumulate results of company operations and its project experience, which together combine into intellectual assets of the organization. An each company today accumulates a huge amount of documents that are stored in both paper form and in various electronic formats. Unfortunately, about 90% of commercial, industrial and technological information of modern enterprises is represented in the format of so-called unstructured data. 

A document as a whole media (contract, letter mail, the medical report, etc.) can include text, images, drawings, plus modern electronic documents can contain video and audio fragments. Organizing the storage of such documents in the electronic archive, workflow automation and document management control — these are tasks that could be successfully solved by ECM (Enterprise Content Management, Enterprise Content Management). 

BCC Company develops customized corporate ECM solution since 2007. A team of experienced BCC professionals run projects based on Open Text products, as global ECM vendor. Currently, BCC is the leading Open Text partner in Russia for the supply and implementation of ECM-products.

Example of fulfilled project

Implementation of ECM for «Eldorado» retail chain, the largest chain of consumer electronics shops in Russia. This project included the managing of operational capacity of Eldorado SAP ERP database system.