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Distance Learning System

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Corporate training is an important factor for improving business efficiency. The trend is to use maximum of modern IT training facilities including distance learning system (DLS).

BCC Group offers its own technology platform in the field of education — a patented system of training and certification of personnel TrainingWare. The main parts are TrainingWare hardware and software system for distance learning via the Internet or private corporate networks. The offer also includes development of training materials — training scenarios, tests and training programs. The effectiveness of TrainingWare was confirmed by feedback from numerous corporate customers.

Implementation of distance learning system allows companies to obtain economic benefits by reducing costs associated with training. The company is independent from external suppliers of educational services related to the process of training with the analysis of business performance, including to conduct objective testing and certification of personnel.

Example of fulfilled project

Example of fulfilled project: Implementation of the DLS in the DIXIS consumer electronics retail chain with the possibility of a large number of multimedia courses for continuing mass education of sales personnel in POSes.