Corporate Telecom Solutions

Corporate telecom solutions are intended to provide reliable data exchange between different parts of geographically dispersed organizations and holding companies. This includes the creation of a corporate data network, providing the required availability and reliability of enterprise applications, as well as the possibility of expanding or upgrading the network with a minimal cost. 

BCC offers a comprehensive solution for corporate data networks of various sizes based on the IP protocol, which allows create high-performance multi-service IT — infrastructure and ensure implementation of new network solutions with a wide range of supported services (VoIP, VPN, video conferencing, etc.) with guaranteed level of service quality.

System management with IT-infrastructure monitoring is integral part of the solution, providing complete administration of corporate networks of any size and configuration. This to ensures high level of business processes automation and quality assurance for the full range of services.

Example of fulfilled project

Design and implementation of multi-service IP network, including telephone system and dispatch system, TETRA, video surveillance system for St. Petersburg flood defense complex (Project «Dam»). The solution provides all the needs of 25 km dam with the modern telecommunications services based on fault-tolerant systems.