Call Centers (Contact Centers)

The successful operation of commercial companies with a large number of retail customers involves organizing an effective Call Centre. Modern Call Centre is an important tool for improving service quality and reducing costs of operating activities, and building an additional channel for retail sales.

Contact Center implements all the technology of remote customer interaction: consumer phone call, email, SMS, Web self-service portal. On the client side of the Call Centre is required to maintain the most common devices — computer, cell phone, PDA / smartphone, even television (in the case of IPTV), — and implement appropriate functionality for each of them.

Self-service tools are becoming increasingly important of Contact Center, as they allow the organization to significantly reduce operation costs, as well as to stimulate the loyalty of active, technologically advanced consumers.

BCC proposes the design and implementation of Contact Centers on a turnkey basis, as well as upgrading existing ones, including the development of new subsystems. Contact Center, created or upgraded by BCC experts is able to provide information about services and products to handle requests for accounts and cards, to connection / disconnection of services and products, modify the services / products, provide technical support and processing customer complaints, carry out the tasks of telemarketing .

Example of fulfilled project: Design and implementation of geographically distributed failover Contact Center for North-West Telecom. This Contact Center is intended to service of 5 million fixed-line subscribers in North-West of Russia.