Application and desktop virtualization is a new level of terminal access to corporate applications and data

Video surveillance systems play an important role in maintaining public safety, manufacturing and business processes

BCC has an outstanding design expertise and unique experience in implementing complex projects of Data Centers

Company’s activities

Enterprise Management and Business Consulting services include:


We offer our customers services on developing state-of-the-art and adaptive IT-infrastructure to extend the potential of their business:

Software Integration and Installation Services:

Telecom Solutions for Mobile and Fixed Communications Networks:

We offer a number of solutions for cellular operators, enterprises and corporate networks:

Building of Engineering Infrastructure:

BCC offers a wide range of products and solutions for building infrastructure automation and reducing of utility cost:

IT & Telecom Solutions for Production and Manufacturing:

Developing of enterprise IT-infrastructure:

For companies who use business critical applications in their information systems BCC Group offers fault and disaster-tolerant Data Centers and storage systems:

BCC Service Center offers: